UOTW #25

62 year old male presents with a history of HIV and chronic pericardial effusion presents with several days of worsening dizziness, shortness of breath and near syncope. Vitals: 142 75/35 24 98.4 98%RA. You are worried about cardiac tamponade, but are only able to obtain the following echo view. What can be measured to confirm your diagnosis of tamponade?


UOTW #22

80 yo f presents from home with complaints of pain around her g-tube. The g-tube has been functioning properly, and the patient denies pain with feeding. Her past medical history is significant for diabetes, peripheral vascular disease and 2 MI’s in the past. She denies fever/chills, diarrhea. Physical exam shows normal vitals signs. Inspection of area around g-tube shows mild redness extending approximately 1-2 cm around the g-tube. Movement of the g-tube exposes 2-3 maggots surrounding the area.

An ultrasound machine was used to identify the extent of the maggot infestation, and the following images were obtained.