UOTW #48

The patient is a 56 year old man who was brought in via EMS for severe respiratory distress. He is sitting straight up in bed, tripoding, diaphoretic with dinner plate eyes. The patient is able to convey that he thinks he might die. He was given one albuterol/atrovent nebulizer per EMS without relief. The patient is unable to provide any further history due to his severe respiratory distress. On exam he has accessory muscle use and has a prolonged expiratory phase to his breathing. Auscultation reveals coarse wheezing bilaterally. BP 220/152 P 130 R 35 T 98.2 O2 80% RA.


UOTW #46

The patient is a 24 year old G1P0 at 12 weeks GA who presents to your department with sudden onset severe left flank pain. No history of fertility treatment, no vaginal bleeding. The patient is pale and has severe diffuse abdominal tenderness.  BP 82/34 P 135 R 20 T 98.6F.


UOTW #45

A 25 yo female presented with 2 days of abdominal pain. The pain started in the mid-abdomen, subsequently moving to RLQ. She was initially seen at an urgent care that uncovered an elevated white blood cell count, and the patient was sent to the emergency department. The patient reported nausea without vomiting.

The patient was initially seen in the hallway since no rooms were available, and the following ultrasound image was obtained: