UOTW #63

78 yo female presents with an ankle injury that was sustained after a fall from standing.

The patient has a history of severe pulmonary hypertension and CHF and is on 4L of nasal oxygen at all times. Orthopedics is requesting a sedation for reduction, but you are reluctant to perform this in the ED due to her significant comorbidities. What nerve block can be done to assist the reduction?

UOTW #61

Your resident presents a case to you: this patient is a 24 year old female with a positive pregnancy test at home and right pelvic pain, mild vaginal bleeding. Your resident shows you the following image. What is the diagnosis?


UOTW #60

37 yo female presents with complaints of increasing generalized malaise over the past 2 weeks as well as a fever and nausea. She endorses a history of intravenous drug use (IVDU). On physical exam, you appreciate a faint systolic murmur. Before any lab tests or other imaging have been done, you obtain the following echo: