I’m proud to announce a new and improved tool to batch anonymize ultrasound clips: ClipDeidentifier.

The new version has several newly added useful features.

  • Supports mp4, mov, avi, wmv, flv, and mpg filetypes
  • Supports drag and drop functionality (clips and multiple folders full of clips)
  • quick preview every scan before committing the batch deidentification
  • manual crop selector (select any rectangle, decluttering your clip)
  • full metadata strip
  • preview size selector
  • responsive design

Grab the latest version for Mac and Windows here. The code is open-source.

Delete any previous version of ClipDeidentifier before installing this version.

28 thoughts on “ClipDeidentifier

  1. this looks awesome, but once i download it, i don’t find it in my applications list, do you know what could be wrong? thanks

          1. I just realized that I’ve been doing this on a PC and it’s for OS X. There’s not a PC version available is there?

    1. Matt,

      Thanks for your comment. I just added support for JPG and BMP still image types, so grab version 1.7b and give it a whirl.


  2. Hi Ben. Tried using v1.7b. After dropping a file in, the dialogue box says that the .mp4 files are now .jpg (18.07.02 hrs __[0048162].mp4 –> 18.07.02 hrs __[0048162]_crop.jpg) but no cropped file (.mp4 or .jpg) exists in the original, or any searchable folder on my drive.

  3. Hi Ben, Wow what a useful tool! Is the crop from top alone? Sometimes we have text written onto the screen by the examiner on the right hand side (to the right of the clip). Just curious. Awesome software!

    1. Virag, Yep, that’s all it does. Crops off the top x pixels. I have some code that automatically finds the top PHI portion, but I haven’t tested it enough to make it to a production release. Thanks for using the tool and for your comment.

  4. Hi Ben
    I try to download in my Mac but I fail cause Mac can not identify the developer ??
    secondly how can I got Photoshop for my Mac in iTunes so many applications which one you recommend ?
    Thank you for your kind help

  5. Hi Ben,

    This version of your Clip Deidentifier is great! I have used the old version for years, but this one is really excellent. Thank you!

  6. Damn Ben. This is so legit. I’m just using it for the first time. This is over-the-top awesome and useful. Thanks!

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