UOTW #29

4 month old previously healthy male presents with respiratory distress. He had a nonproductive cough the day before he was admitted. The day of admission he had decreased PO intake, lethargy, increased WOB. Patient had no primary care but had his 2 month vaccines from the health department. He was found to have profound respiratory acidosis and hypoxemia.


5 thoughts on “UOTW #29

  1. Don’t do enough baby ECHO to know but please cc me in answer. I vaguely recall infants are right side dominant but I don’t know how much for how long. Can see shonky RLL, big RA/RV and squished LV..would have liked colour on interatrial septum….

    1. Great question, Kylie. Even though infants are born with right sided dominance, the LV:RV ratio is close to 1:1 on average in this study. Further, RV volumes are already decreasing in the first few days of life, studied here. Here’s a study looking at LV:RV ratios and found that a dilated RV was associated with increased frequency of events due to PH. They had an age of 8.7 ± 6.0 (1SD), and didn’t exclude infants.

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