UOTW #72

This patient is a 52 year old woman with a history of type 2 diabetes who presents with a 1 week history of bilateral flank pain associated with fevers and dysuria. 95/50 115 16 102.5F 100%RA

UOTW #71

This patient is a 61 year old female with a history of hypertension and diabetes who presents with 3 weeks of intermittent exertional left sided chest pain. The pain is dull, non-pleuritic, always comes on when walking around and resolves with rest. +shortness of breath. Vitals: 95/50 125 22 98.6 97% RA. What diagnosis is […]

UOTW #69

The patient is a 32 year old male who has a history of IV drug use, presents as a transfer from an outside hospital (OSH) for sepsis. Was taken to the OSH with bouts of lethargy/AMS mixed with episodes of combativeness. Noted to be febrile, hypotensive. Given 5L NS and a dose of vancomycin PTA. […]

UOTW #66

This patient presents with skin redness and warmth on his right lateral thigh for 3 days. On exam there is a 4 cm patch of erythema, with a moderate amount of induration. Should this be incised?