UOTW #39

78 y/o female with a history of CAD, cirrhosis, DM, and HTN presents with left arm pain, chest pain, and post-prandial dyspnea on exertion. Physical exam is unremarkable, except for an elevated blood pressure of 195/78.  Troponin is negative and the EKG is unremarkable. Prior to obtaining a CT scan, bedside ultrasound is performed, revealing the following images.


4 thoughts on “UOTW #39

  1. Heart is hyperdynamic and kissing walls. probably hypovolemic status.
    perisplenic area, minimal ascites, minimal pleural effusion with lung as (mirror image)
    there is round anechoic area outside the lung, it could be part of descending aorta ! or a normal structure..
    but picture might go with perforated viscus?!

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