UOTW #42

52 y/o male presents stating that he has had an area of redness on his right thigh that has “fever” in it. No systemic fever/SOB/CP. On physical exam, vitals are normal and there is a 5 cm patch of erythema and induration on the patient’s right anterior thigh. No lower extremity edema, no fluctuance of the area. You recall an article that showed 40% of patients with clinically suspected cellulitis were diagnosed with abscess via ultrasound and required incision and drainage, so you obtain the following scan. ¬†What’s the diagnosis?


2 thoughts on “UOTW #42

  1. With out color doppler applied it’s difficult to evaluate for increased signs of a inflammatory process. What appears to be vessel , varocosity or collection also appears to be above the facia more information needed to confirm a inflammatory/ infectious process..information needed would include but not limited to color doppler with proper settings, WBC, CBC. And measurement of skin thickness

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