UOTW #54

This patient is a 28 year old male who was brought to you by EMS after he was found lying unconscious in his apartment by his family. The only medical history known by EMS is the patient was recently admitted for severe pancreatitis and has an indwelling PICC line in his LUE. EMS found the patient to be pale, bradypnic with a GCS of 3, O2 sat 75%. EMS RSI’d the patient and placed him on PEEP 8, TV 10 mg/kg, FiO2 100%. The O2 sat was noted to decrease to the mid 50s immediately after intubation, and remained there. In the ED, the patient’s vitals are: BP 120/84 P 105 O2 sat 56% T 97.5F. The patient appears severely cyanotic, but has normal pulses and symmetric breath sounds.


3 thoughts on “UOTW #54

  1. 1st view is subxyphoid and RV dilation is seen
    2nd view is apical 4 chamber and CEUS(Contrast Enhance Ultra Sound)prominant RV
    3rd view is IVC longitudinal and engorged IVC + Hepatic Vein reflux
    4th and 5th view are linear view of lungs that are A profile
    all of above findings are in favor of acute corpulmonale that the most probable diagnosis is PTE

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