UOTW #75

This patient is a 31 year old female with a history of AIDS who presents with shortness of breath, cough and fever. Vitals: 120/80 95 19 102.5 91%RA.


10 thoughts on “UOTW #75

  1. Very cool. Have not seen this before. Thx!
    Also, is there not a small PCE around this heart? Within normal limits? Looks significant enough to me to be worth commenting on.

  2. Great Images, thanks for sharing. I am sure that the patient’s outcome is far better it would have been only a couple of years ago- We are making this critical diagnosis so much earlier thanks to POC US.

  3. Thanks for shearing.
    Hypertrophy of ventricles is seen.Cusp of mitral valve obstruct the LV out flow.This could be systolic motion of anterior mitral valve. (SAM)

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