UOTW #78

52 year old female with ESRD is transferred from an outside hospital for “possible sepsis.” Patient is somnolent in bed, vitals are BP 75/60, HR 62, RR 24, Temp 98.6. Your medical student on his ultrasound rotation does an echo, sees a pericardial effusion and is concerned for tamponade. What findings do you point out to him that are suggestive of tamponade?


12 thoughts on “UOTW #78

  1. Very nice images. Apart from the obvious IVC and right heart collapse there is also subtle LA collapse. The LV (posterior/inf-lat wall) is also dyssynchronous, not really a sign of tamponade but probably contributing to the poor LV fx. Great teaching images

  2. Pulmonary stenosis with pulmonary hypertension , failed diastolic filling of RT ventricle , obstructed venous return to the pulmonary veins and lung

  3. Se observa derrame pericárdico con signos de taponamiento,colapso de AD y de la pared libre del VD, VCI dilatada y disfunción del VI moderado.

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