UOTW #83

Young adult female presents for e/o sudden onset, severe lower abdominal pain, left greater than right, since 6pm last night. Worse than normal menstrual cramping, described as constant and sharp. Associated with night sweats upon waking up from sleep on morning of presentation. Denies F, N/C, hematuria, dysuria, vaginal discharge or bleeding. Patient is sexually active. Last menstrual period (LMP) about 1 month prior. Had a positive pregnancy test at Urgent Care today and referred in for evaluation. Upon arrival to the ED, the patient had a blood pressure of 145/76, heart rate 82, respiratory rate 18, temperature 36.4, and oxygen saturation of 100% on RA. She was diffusely tender to palpation across the low abdomen. Bedside US was performed showing the below:


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