UOTW #46

The patient is a 24 year old G1P0 at 12 weeks GA who presents to your department with sudden onset severe left flank pain. No history of fertility treatment, no vaginal bleeding. The patient is pale and has severe diffuse abdominal tenderness.  BP 82/34 P 135 R 20 T 98.6F.


5 thoughts on “UOTW #46

  1. Moderately-severe internal hemorrhage. Questionable possible ruptured etopic and IUP or as it is would be less likely as it is since no hx of trauma or malignancy.

  2. Uterus look like normal. But there are splenomegaly (spleen bigger than kidney) and abdominal free fluid. Then, it might be a ruptured spleen, a inusual complication of pregnancy.

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