UOTW #15

This is a 65 y/o WM who has a history of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and CHF presents via EMS with lethargy, weakness and intermittent syncope.  The family found a mostly empty bottle of digoxin in his apartment.  Vitals: 24 75/25 6 99% RA.  You are handed the following 12 lead ECG by EMS: The decision is made […]

UOTW #14

This is a 36 year old female who presents with complaints of 1 month of gradually worsening dyspnea on exertion and dry cough ever since she had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery. No fevers, edema or chest pain.

UOTW #13

This is a 37 year old female presenting with severe LLQ pain during a workout.  Denies nausea/vomiting. Pain is worse when tensing abdominal muscles.

UOTW #12

63 y/o male with a history of severe diabetes and strong myopia presents with sudden decreased vision in his left eye.  No tearing/discharge, no pain.  The patient wears glasses, but no contacts.  Denies trauma.