UOTW #42

52 y/o male presents stating that he has had an area of redness on his right thigh that has “fever” in it. No systemic fever/SOB/CP. On physical exam, vitals are normal and there is a 5 cm patch of erythema and induration on the patient’s right anterior thigh. No lower extremity edema, no fluctuance of […]

UOTW #41

A 24 y/o female presents with c/o vaginal spotting and severe abdominal pain. LMP 2 months ago. BP 82/40. You lie the patient supine and are unable to visualize the uterus, but obtain this clip instead. What’s your next step?

UOTW #40

46 yo healthy male presents with slowly worsening left groin pain. The patient works in manual labor. On exam he is in mild distress and points to an area just lateral to his pubic symphysis, stating that he has an aching pain in that region that is worse as the day progresses. On physical exam, the […]