UOTW #27

38 yo female presents with altered mental status. The patient was found down at home, and no further history is known. EMS intubated on scene. On arrival, pt’s vitals are as follows: HR 136, BP 97/54, RR 18 (artificial), T 102.3F, O2 sat 96% on 100% FiO2.

UOTW #26

52 y/o female with a history previous cervical cancer presents stating that she has not urinated in two days, c/o abdominal pain and some distention.  i-stat labs show a creatinine of 7.5.  What is the likely etiology of these findings?

UOTW #25

62 year old male presents with a history of HIV and chronic pericardial effusion presents with several days of worsening dizziness, shortness of breath and near syncope. Vitals: 142 75/35 24 98.4 98%RA. You are worried about cardiac tamponade, but are only able to obtain the following echo view. What can be measured to confirm […]

UOTW #24

39 year old female presents with a history of anti phospholipid syndrome and previous MI presents with sudden onset of LUQ abdominal pain. She states that she has not been taking her warfarin for the past 2 years.