UOTW #62

This patient is a 56 year old male smoker who presents with sudden onset of left sided chest pain and shortness of breath.

UOTW #38

54 y/o female was the unrestrained driver in a car vs tree at a high rate of speed. She is altered, but is moaning in pain, gets louder when you palpate her abdomen and chest. There is an abdominal and chest seatbelt sign noted.  Vitals: 75/42 134 24 90% RA. What is the name of […]

UOTW #32

The patient is a 39 y/o female with a h/o lupus who is post-op day #7 status-post renal transplant.  The patient complains of abdominal pain with gross hematuria for several days. Upon arrival, the patient’s initial vitals were a BP of 137/59 and a pulse of 91.  Examination showed cold extremities, moderate diffuse abdominal tenderness/distension and a pale tongue. I-stat […]

UOTW #18

35 y/o intoxicated male presents after he fell off a 15 foot cliff onto his chest and stomach, landing on concrete.  He complains of chest, abdominal, and back pain.  BP 140/80 P 135 RR 22.


This is an 34 y/o male smoker who presents with 4 hours of sharp right sided chest pain, worse with deep inspiration. Vitals normal.