UOTW #31

The patient is an 11 year old male who was leaving soccer practice when his family witnessed him suddenly collapse.  He was then noted to have left sided hemiparesis associated with a headache and nausea/vomiting, and was airlifted to your emergency department.  Noncontrast CT of the brain was negative, but CTA revealed a complete proximal right […]

UOTW #30

64 yo female presents to the emergency department with periumbilical pain that was first noted yesterday after a meal. The pain subsequently moved to the RLQ. Patient has had intermittent vomiting since the pain started. Non bilious, non-bloody.  Reports a few episodes similar to this one in the previous months, but states that this episode […]

UOTW #29

4 month old previously healthy male presents with respiratory distress. He had a nonproductive cough the day before he was admitted. The day of admission he had decreased PO intake, lethargy, increased WOB. Patient had no primary care but had his 2 month vaccines from the health department. He was found to have profound respiratory […]

UOTW #28

A 13 year old male who moved to the States from South America 8 months ago presents with malaise, fever and a productive cough for the past month. Symptoms have been slowly progressing in intensity.  Thoracic scans were performed.