UOTW #80

A 51 year old female with history of anxiety presents with chest pain radiating to her back with tachycardia and a SBP of 210. After seeing a normal cardiac ultrasound and lung ultrasound, you place an ultrasound probe on her abdomen.

UOTW #55

48 yo male transfer from an OSH with the diagnosis of a DVT. The patient had no past medical history and was experiencing leg pain after a 5 hour plane ride and subsequently was found to have an elevated d-dimer, no further imaging was obtained prior to the patient being transferred. The patient did report […]

UOTW #49

This week we have two remarkably similar scans. One is a rupturing aortic aneurysm , the other is a 33 week baby’s head. Can you tell which is which?

UOTW #35

The patient is a 73 year old female with a history of remote aortic aneurysm repair who presents with complaints of dizziness, near syncope and a fall one hour PTA.  The patient has mild dementia and is unable to give further history.

UOTW #21

19 y/o WF presents with c/o months of intermittent episodes of postprandial abdominal distention, pain and severe n/v.  She states that she has been to the ER several times for this before and “always gets an NG tube,” resolving the episodes.  On exam, the pt has moderate firm upper abdominal distension and tenderness.  Your initial abdominal […]