Creator: Ben C. Smith, MD, FACEP 


I am the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Director of the University of Tennessee, Department of Emergency Medicine, Chattanooga, TN. I created this blog as a way to keep my residents thinking about bedside ultrasound throughout their training.

I am a junkie for the critically ill, so this blog will certainly have a lean toward that patient population.  Frankly, this is where bedside ultrasound really shines.  Sure, you can diagnose cholelithiasis and hydronephrosis with ultrasound… but you can also save lives.  Visit the blog weekly or subscribe to improve your ability to treat the critically ill.

Each scan has been made HIPPA compliant using the open source command line utility ffmpeg.  If you would like to use this tool to deidentify your own scans, please download my ClipDeidentifier.

Contributor: Jacob Avila, MD, RDMSjacob2


I am an ultrasound fellow who is passionate about emergency medicine and have ultrasound coursing through my veins. Each shift I see how it helps me disposition my patients faster, guide their course in the ED, and save lives.

If I were stranded on a desert island and had only one ultrasound exam, it would be echo, hands down. However, I have the most fun with anything lung related. B-lines, pulmonary infarcts and pneumonias are some of my favorite things.


Contributor: Sally Graglia, MD, MPH


As a recent graduate of ultrasound fellowship with an interest in Global Health, Education, and Ultrasound, I gravitate toward low resource settings. Right now, I am thrilled to be based in Monrovia, Liberia, as the Ultrasound Education Director, teaching ultrasound through the Liberia College of Physicians and Surgeons (LCPS).

Seeing ultrasound change management or improve care in low resource settings (and high resource settings for that matter!) is my jam. Making diagnoses (abdominal TB, right atrial cardiac mass, ruptured appendicitis, etc.) that you wouldn’t be able to make without an ultrasound machine and a little bit of know-how….. Makes. My. Day.


All images and videos on this website are released under a CC-BY-SA-4.0 license.

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  1. How do i subscribe. Thanks really cool. You should check out my podcast
    Aaem critical care pod cast

    1. David, thanks for the comment.
      I’ll check out your podcast, I am all about cutting edge critical care.
      I am working on deploying an email subscription, it will be up in a couple days. For now, you can either follow me on twitter @UltrasoundJelly for updates or subscribe with your RSS reader to the RSS feed.

  2. Dear colleagues,
    How did you take these long US clips regarding nerve block. Most US machines record 5 seconds for clips. I have a mindray and how can I take like these long clips?

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi, Dr. Smith,
    I’ve been focusing on echocardiography research for 8 years and am now interested in lung ultrasound. I want to learn more from other lung ultrasound experts, is there any annual conference about lung ultrasound that you would recommend me attending in the US? Or any lung ultrasound society I can join? Thank you very much!

  4. Hi I am a Critical Care Fellow and would like to contribute . How do I do that? I currently have a case I would like to submit

  5. Dear Ben
    I’m emergency resident PGY III
    I love your blog and your cases
    I follow every week your blog
    Thank you for effort

  6. Holy Ultrasound, Batman!
    Great vids and great walkthrough on the different problems. Thank you so much, this will help greatly!

    Kind regards from Sweden!
    / Martin

  7. Love this blog! Recommending it to my Nova Southeastern University – Orlando physician assistant students to use after their POCUS course to continue their US education. It’s a wonderful way for them to see pathology. Thank you all.

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