UOTW #40

46 yo healthy male presents with slowly worsening left groin pain. The patient works in manual labor. On exam he is in mild distress and points to an area just lateral to his pubic symphysis, stating that he has an aching pain in that region that is worse as the day progresses. On physical exam, the […]

UOTW #20

75 yo male presents with diffuse, worsening abdominal pain and distention. He had an aortic aneurysm repair approximately 8 days prior and states that his symptoms have worsened since then. On arrival, the patient’s vitals are HR: 112, BP: 108/59, O2: 99%, RR: 40. Physical exam shows diffuse abdominal swelling and peritoneal signs. Hemoccult was […]

UOTW #16

A 36 y/o male with no previous medical history presents with sudden onset of testicular pain that occurred while at work. The pain that is worse with movement radiates to his suprapubic abdomen. The patient is sexually active with multiple partners, and usually uses condoms. He denies recent trauma to the area, dysuria or hematuria. On evaluation, his vitals […]