UOTW #63

78 yo female presents with an ankle injury that was sustained after a fall from standing. The patient has a history of severe pulmonary hypertension and CHF and is on 4L of nasal oxygen at all times. Orthopedics is requesting a sedation for reduction, but you are reluctant to perform this in the ED due to her […]

UOTW #53

A 38 year old male presents from jail with the following pathology. Which nerve block will facilitate drainage?

UOTW #50

17 yr old male presents with hand pain after striking a stationary hard surface with a closed fist. X-ray below. Which ultrasound guided nerve block would facilitate manual reduction of fracture?

UOTW #47

This 34 y/o female presents one day after she stepped on a sewing needle.  What ultrasound guided procedure would allow the painless removal of this foreign body?