UOTW #23

This is a 55 year old female with a history of lung cancer who presents with shortness of breath, DOE and weakness. Some mild left sided chest pain. Vitals: 120 95/60 88% RA. What procedure should be performed?

UOTW #22

80 yo f presents from home with complaints of pain around her g-tube. The g-tube has been functioning properly, and the patient denies pain with feeding. Her past medical history is significant for diabetes, peripheral vascular disease and 2 MI’s in the past. She denies fever/chills, diarrhea. Physical exam shows normal vitals signs. Inspection of area […]

UOTW #21

19 y/o WF presents with c/o months of intermittent episodes of postprandial abdominal distention, pain and severe n/v.  She states that she has been to the ER several times for this before and “always gets an NG tube,” resolving the episodes.  On exam, the pt has moderate firm upper abdominal distension and tenderness.  Your initial abdominal […]

UOTW #20

75 yo male presents with diffuse, worsening abdominal pain and distention. He had an aortic aneurysm repair approximately 8 days prior and states that his symptoms have worsened since then. On arrival, the patient’s vitals are HR: 112, BP: 108/59, O2: 99%, RR: 40. Physical exam shows diffuse abdominal swelling and peritoneal signs. Hemoccult was […]