UOTW #56

This patient is a 67 year old male who presents with lower abdominal pain associated with urinary frequency.  What finding here places the patient at increased risk of cystitis?

UOTW #32

The patient is a 39 y/o female with a h/o lupus who is post-op day #7 status-post renal transplant.  The patient complains of abdominal pain with gross hematuria for several days. Upon arrival, the patient’s initial vitals were a BP of 137/59 and a pulse of 91.  Examination showed cold extremities, moderate diffuse abdominal tenderness/distension and a pale tongue. I-stat […]

UOTW #26

52 y/o female with a history previous cervical cancer presents stating that she has not urinated in two days, c/o abdominal pain and some distention.  i-stat labs show a creatinine of 7.5.  What is the likely etiology of these findings?

UOTW #10

52 y/o male presents with RUQ pain that radiates to his back. The pain was associated with vomitus and came on suddenly.  This scan brought to you by Jacob Avila, MD, RDMS (@UltrasoundMD).