Ultrasound Art

This is a series of ultrasound clips created by pointing one probe towards another and varying parameters such as focus/depth/exam type.  Linear, phased array and curvilinear probes were used. SonoRain March of the Stick People Galaga The Reaper Wormhole Rave Hyperdrive Turbine Event Horizon

UOTW #19

40 y/o female with 4 children complains of amenorrhea for 3 months. States that she thinks this is early menopause, if she is pregnant she will be “very upset.” Based on this scan, will she be 1x, 2x or 3x “very upset?”

UOTW #18

35 y/o intoxicated male presents after he fell off a 15 foot cliff onto his chest and stomach, landing on concrete.  He complains of chest, abdominal, and back pain.  BP 140/80 P 135 RR 22.

UOTW #17

87 year old male with a history of hypertension called EMS after having leg numbness earlier in the day, then a sudden onset of a headache with radiation to the back of his neck.  The pain resolved right before EMS arrived at his residence. After unloading in the ambulance bay, the patient began to exhibit […]


Need an m-mode, but all you have is a clip?  This tool will generate an m-mode for you.  If you want to learn more about how it works, check out the M.mode.ify Theory page.  Update: you can now measure time and distance after proper calibration. Upload your HIPPA friendly file and you will be taken to page […]