UOTW #70

A 60 year old female presents with painful right neck swelling. She has a past medical history of alcoholic hepatic cirrhosis. Her vitals signs are within normal limits. On examination she has a mass in the right submandibular area. It is tender to palpation, but smooth with no fluctuance. The following images are obtained of […]

UOTW #66

This patient presents with skin redness and warmth on his right lateral thigh for 3 days. On exam there is a 4 cm patch of erythema, with a moderate amount of induration. Should this be incised?

UOTW #58

42 year old female with no past medical history presents with increasing foot pain over the past 5 days. She reports that she has had decreasing sensation in the plantar surfaces of both her feet over the past few months, but did not think anything of it. She also endorses subjective fevers and nausea.

UOTW #22

80 yo f presents from home with complaints of pain around her g-tube. The g-tube has been functioning properly, and the patient denies pain with feeding. Her past medical history is significant for diabetes, peripheral vascular disease and 2 MI’s in the past. She denies fever/chills, diarrhea. Physical exam shows normal vitals signs. Inspection of area […]

UOTW #13

This is a 37 year old female presenting with severe LLQ pain during a workout.  Denies nausea/vomiting. Pain is worse when tensing abdominal muscles.