UOTW #39

78 y/o female with a history of CAD, cirrhosis, DM, and HTN presents with left arm pain, chest pain, and post-prandial dyspnea on exertion. Physical exam is unremarkable, except for an elevated blood pressure of 195/78.  Troponin is negative and the EKG is unremarkable. Prior to obtaining a CT scan, bedside ultrasound is performed, revealing the following images.

UOTW #38

54 y/o female was the unrestrained driver in a car vs tree at a high rate of speed. She is altered, but is moaning in pain, gets louder when you palpate her abdomen and chest. There is an abdominal and chest seatbelt sign noted.  Vitals: 75/42 134 24 90% RA. What is the name of […]

UOTW #37

The patient is a 42 y/o male who suddenly collapsed while running.  Per EMS: Patient noted to be pulseless, asystole on monitor.   ACLS was initiated, the patient was RSI’d.  CPR is in progress upon arrival.  Airway is intact. No pulse on initial check, and you obtain this monitor strip: You also obtain the following echocardiogram during this pulse […]

UOTW #36

61 yo female with no previous medical history presenting with nausea, vomiting and epigastric pain that began approximately 4 hours after eating at a mexican restaurant. Vital signs showed sinus tachycardia and mild hypoxia with the patient sating 92% on room air.  Abdominal ultrasound was performed, identifying a normal gallbladder. However, due to the patients […]