UOTW #68

A 56 year old male is brought in by paramedics complaining of generalized abdominal pain and distension. He is 1 week status-post operative colonic resection and anastomosis. His vitals are a temperature of 38.5C, pulse of 115, blood pressure of 95/65, respiratory rate of 32, and saturations of 94% on room air. Bedside ultrasound shows […]

UOTW #45

A 25 yo female presented with 2 days of abdominal pain. The pain started in the mid-abdomen, subsequently moving to RLQ. She was initially seen at an urgent care that uncovered an elevated white blood cell count, and the patient was sent to the emergency department. The patient reported nausea without vomiting. The patient was […]

UOTW #40

46 yo healthy male presents with slowly worsening left groin pain. The patient works in manual labor. On exam he is in mild distress and points to an area just lateral to his pubic symphysis, stating that he has an aching pain in that region that is worse as the day progresses. On physical exam, the […]

UOTW #22

80 yo f presents from home with complaints of pain around her g-tube. The g-tube has been functioning properly, and the patient denies pain with feeding. Her past medical history is significant for diabetes, peripheral vascular disease and 2 MI’s in the past. She denies fever/chills, diarrhea. Physical exam shows normal vitals signs. Inspection of area […]