UOTW #48

The patient is a 56 year old man who was brought in via EMS for severe respiratory distress. He is sitting straight up in bed, tripoding, diaphoretic with dinner plate eyes. The patient is able to convey that he thinks he might die. He was given one albuterol/atrovent nebulizer per EMS without relief. The patient […]

UOTW #28

A 13 year old male who moved to the States from South America 8 months ago presents with malaise, fever and a productive cough for the past month. Symptoms have been slowly progressing in intensity.  Thoracic scans were performed.


This is an 27 y/o male who complains of 1 week of progressive DOE, fatigue, dry cough and subjective fevers. No chest pain. Vitals: 74/34 110 99.4 92% RA.  Chest X-ray read per radiology: bilateral pneumonia.


This is an 34 y/o male smoker who presents with 4 hours of sharp right sided chest pain, worse with deep inspiration. Vitals normal.