UOTW #83

Young adult female presents for e/o sudden onset, severe lower abdominal pain, left greater than right, since 6pm last night. Worse than normal menstrual cramping, described as constant and sharp. Associated with night sweats upon waking up from sleep on morning of presentation. Denies F, N/C, hematuria, dysuria, vaginal discharge or bleeding. Patient is sexually […]

UOTW #82

A 19-year-old female presented to the emergency department with acute right ankle pain and inability to bear weight after falling while dancing in high heel shoes. She was otherwise healthy, with no pertinent past medical history. She endorsed pain primarily along the posterior aspect of her right ankle and lower calf. Physical exam of the […]

UOTW #80

A 51 year old female with history of anxiety presents with chest pain radiating to her back with tachycardia and a SBP of 210. After seeing a normal cardiac ultrasound and lung ultrasound, you place an ultrasound probe on her abdomen.